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This Website is for mothers of boys because moms who have sons need support, whether they have one son or multiple sons. Yet, the Moms of Boys (MOB) Website is especially for those moms who are outnumbered by males in their own home.

Lost in a world of bathroom humor, sports, and Mt. Everest-sized piles of laundry, moms often lose their identity as a woman and their sanity as a human being. Moms of Boys have long forgotten what it’s like to go to a ‘girls’ movie or to the theatre or ballet or to have time to paint their toenails or even shave their legs.

Since there is strength in numbers in fighting the effects of testosterone in a household, it’s time for mothers of boys to unite!

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Sharon’s interview with Spencer Christian of ABC’s KGO-TV in San Francisco, 2008

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My Sons, My ‘Captors’


Above, my boys back in the day. About 2003, I’d say.

They grow up FAST!

Below, 2014 (ages from left to right, 20, 14, 23 & Fenway, 10))



My boys – now men (almost all 3) in summer of 2015, ages 21, 14, and 24








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