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Sharon’s Blog : MOB Dealings, Jan. 25, 2006

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/01/25 15:20:47

Hi fellow MOB members:

Hope things are going well for you all. Other than having our ENTIRE weekends taken over by basketball games, and baseball and soccer practices, we’re doing fine. I wonder what percentage of our lives we spend going to these games? I like to see my boys play, but it does sort of take over my life.

Sharon’s Blog : MOB Dealings, Jan. 9th 2006

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/01/09 15:20:19

Hello, ladies! I wish happiness, health, and safety to everyone in 2006. That’s one of the things my boys and I say in our prayers every night: “Keep us safe, healthy, and happy. Be with those who are sick, sad, or hurting.” Lots of hurting going on in the world right now: of course there is always Iraq and the war on terror, hunger in Africa and other places, the Middle East conflict, and now the terrible tragedy in the West Virginia coal mine. The situation was made so much worse by the miscommunication. I went to bed that night after midnight, thinking 12 miners were alive and then woke up to the awful news that there had been a mistake. This hit my middle son (age 11) so hard that he hasn’t been able to sleep the past two nights. I had to tell him there’s a line you can’t step over when it comes to worrying about such things in the world; certainly it’s okay to be impacted by such events and to react by making donations to funds, etc., but you can’t dwell on it to the point that it bothers you so much you can’t sleep. I want my son to be aware of his world and to follow the news, but in some cases there is a danger of stepping over that line. Protecting the ‘innocence’ of childhood is becoming harder all the time. Please post your ideas about this on the message board.

Okay, on a much lighter note, all my Christmas decorations are actually down and stored away in an organized fashion. Don’t ask me how it happened because I’m not sure, though I think my husband’s rearranging of the garage was a major factor. Suddenly, we had some free space to put stuff.
I actually got out the Christmas cards before Christmas this year, too. I’ll leave you with ‘the real story’ of the Christmas card photo. If a picture paints a thousand words, than these three sum up, I think, the lives of a mom of boys.

Take care,