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Sharon’s Blog : October 10, 2006/moms of boys’ recipes

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/10/10 15:10:59

Hi ladies!!

I’m now in the midst of pre-marketing my book House of Testosterone, which will be released in late November. One piece of the marketing plan involves providing an ‘incentive’ for people on a blast opt-in email list to pre-order the book. Part of that incentive is a month’s worth of recipes from moms of boys – particularly those favorite recipes of your sons. Credit will be given using first names only, such as “contributed by Nicole, mom of Brice, Richard, and Mark”
If you have a recipe or recipes that you’d like to send in, please send them to me at
I’d appreciate your input.
Take care and hang in there!


Sharon’s Blog : October 2, 2006 blog entry

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/10/02 15:10:10

Have any of you ever had one of your young sons be in a wedding? I had that experience over the weekend when my youngest, 6-year-old Jason, was the ring bearer in my niece’s wedding. I was on pins and needles because we weren’t sure how he would behave at such a formal event. I’d told my husband and two older sons, “When he walks down that aisle, do not make eye contact with him.” This was because there is so much teasing and arguing between the guys that I was afraid any eye contact or smile from the other guys to Jason, would be interpreted by him as teasing. That means he might respond with a scowl or perhaps even a shouted insult.
Yet, I had high hopes about everything being okay because Jason was genuinely excited about being in the wedding and took his role seriously.