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Sharon’s Blog : MOB Blog, Nov. 5th

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/11/05 15:10:16

It’s hard to believe we’re rapidly approaching Thanksgiving. I hope you all are doing a better job than I am at getting ready for the holidays. My next-door neighbors had up those orange Halloween lights again this year, making my 6-year-old, Jason, beg for us to buy some. He and I were driving around town on the afternoon of Halloween when he last repeated this request.
I said, “Jason, I’m riding you around at 5:00 on Halloween trying to find a pumpkin that’s not rotten. Do you think we really have time to worry about lights?” We eventually did find seven pumpkins left at a little roadside farmer’s market. Jason was really excited about it, and he jumped out of the car and ran over to the pumpkin stand. The pumpkin-seller (for lack of a better word) looked at me as if I were a slacker mom and said, “He’s gonna get his pumpkin, huh?” I smiled and replied, “Yeah, usually we get one about a week early, but I’ve been really busy.” The man remarked, “Well, I was wondering.” Everybody really is a critic.