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Sharon’s Blog : Jason’s baseball team/Niagara Falls/Cooperstown

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2007/08/14 17:30:54

Today was my youngest son’s (just turned 7) first day of baseball practice. He’s done basketball, soccer, and ice hockey, but he’s never played on a baseball team because all the teams for his age were Tee Ball, which meant he’d have to hit the ball off a tee. With my older boys, now 16 and 13, I never was much of a fan of tee-ball when they played. Even the good hitters sometimes found it difficult to hit off that stupid tee, and would often knock the tee itself over. Much less boring to be pitched to by a coach or a pitching machine and much more fun to watch. Jason, my youngest, had been pitched to by his older brother, David, 13, for years, and he would hate to have to return to hitting from a tee.