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Sharon’s Blog : Baby news

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2009/08/02 01:26:03

No, not MY baby news, thank goodness! I’m a little too old for that, I’m sad to say. It’s my niece’s baby news. My niece Kristin is the only girl of my parents’ eight grandchildren; we were delighted to find out that Kristin and her husband will be having a baby in November. Then a month or so ago, my sister Mary (Kristin’s mom) got a phone call from Kristin telling her that they found out the gender of the baby. At that very moment, my mother and my other sister Gail were in the room (Gail has three boys and no girls too like I do).  So we waited in great anticipation as Mary talked to Kristin. When Mary turned to us and exclaimed, “It’s a girl!”, Gail, my mother, and I all squealed — literally squealed. Needless to say, we are all very excited about having a little girl in the family at last. I have been buying pink things for the first time in my life.  But yes, I have to admit, it feels very strange to walk past the little boy things after so many years of buying blue stuff. I’m sure if my niece announced she was going to have a boy, I would have been just as excited to buy the boy things. The bottom line is we can’t wait for our baby!

Sharon’s Blog : I’m baaack!!

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2009/08/02 01:12:52

Well, here it is with summer’s end drawing near. I hope you have all had a great time with your boys this summer and gearing up for the autumn.  My oldest son, Billy, will be going to college in a week and a half.  A week and a half!!!! Oh, my gosh, it doesn’t seem possible. For his graduation, I put together a DVD of still photos and excerpts from videos from the past. I’m really glad I did it, but it was very emotional for me to go back through all of those memories. At least he will be going to college very close by (only 15 minutes) at North Carolina State University. He is so independent and so ready to go, but I know I will miss him terribly.

The past four months have been a blur as we’ve been doing all the ‘stuff’ you do to get set to graduate and to go to college — It was also a blur because my middle son, David, 15, had a great first year in high school, but he had a really tough Honors World History class second semester; I ended up having to go through some of the stuff with him to help him study. (Just ask me about the Peloponnesian and Persian wars or the Renaissance – ha!) He played summer baseball with his new high school (reassigned to another school after his freshman year — back to the school that my oldest son went to for one year before he was reassigned – long story). David will be taking Driver’s Ed next week. My youngest will be 9 on Monday– a lot going on.