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Sharon’s Blog : Toilet paper shortage

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2009/10/30 16:06:12

How do these things happen?  I went away this past weekend, thinking that I left the house pretty well-stocked along with a list for my husband to follow to make sure he didn’t miss anything on the schedules of David, 15, and Jason, 9 (our oldest was at college).  When I returned a mere 48 hours later, there was no toilet paper in our entire house. 3 bathrooms and no toilet paper. I didn’t dare ask how or why this came to be. I decided not to run immediately to the store to buy some, but to wait until the guys noticed there was not more toilet paper, thus creating within them a deep sense of appreciation for all the little things I do that go unnoticed, like buying toilet paper. Over 21 years of marriage and this was the first time we’d ever run out of toilet paper. A pretty damn good track record if you ask me. The problem was — the lack of toilet paper didn’t seem to bother the guys; was the one it bothered! So, off to the store I went. There is only so much a woman can take.