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Sharon’s Blog : Update

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2010/09/03 18:10:36

I guess it’s about time for an update from me since I haven’t written since March.  I like to have you ladies post on the messge board and share and support one another without a lot of comment from me. It’s YOUR board, and I don’t want to delete any of the posts because I think the older ones can be helpful. Oh, check out my facebook link on the home page of this site to see updated family photos. Technology is not my thing, so reposting them to this site is more than I can fathom right now.

So, let’s see. My oldest son is beginning his sophomore year in college, my middle one is a junior in high school, and my youngest is in 4th grade. The oldest just told me he wants to join a fraternity!  A fraternity! Of course, images of Animal House immediately filled my mind. This fraternity is very grade-conscious and GPAs are monitored — plus they have four community service projects per year — thus, I guess all fraternities are not like the ones on Animal House. Still, I have to wonder why my son would need to go to a frat house when he could get a similar experience at home — after all, with his two brothers and dad at home, OUR house has a frat house atmosphere pretty much all the time.