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Sharon’s Blog : Facebook gender differences

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2010/10/20 08:53:59

In this age of FaceBook, I’ve noticed another difference in the posts of teen guys and girls to their parents (if indeed the parents are lucky enough to actually be friends with their teens on FB).  With my friends who have teen girls, I often see comments to their moms about photos of their moms on Facebook. The girls will write things like, “Mom, you look great!”  or “Beautiful photo of you, Mom.”  Such support and confidence-boosting! However, guys don’t do that to their moms. It is if they never even noticed the photo at all, which they probably didn’t. Come on, guys, if a photo of dear ol’ mom is halfway decent, then post a little something that will make her feel good. “Good pic” doesn’t take that long to write. Just something that’s come to my attention lately!