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Sharon’s Blog : The Reason God Made Girlfriends for our Sons

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2011/03/07 11:06:15

Bless my sixteen-year-old son’s girlfriend’s heart!  The other night I spent a long time getting ready to go out to one of the most upscale restaurants in our town. Shower, make-up, hair, perfume. Damn, I even put on pantyhose for the first time in a year or so (despite realizing I now have old lady legs). I put on the low-cut, black dress I wore to my 25th high school reunion six years ago and shoes with heels.  Oh and I wore a silver and black necklace I’d bought several months earlier just in case I ever got a chance to go anywhere other than ball games or Scouting events.  I came down the stairs to the usual unresponsiveness of my husband and sons. And then my son’s girlfriend, Claire, exclaimed, “Oh you look fabulous!”

A compliment!!  I’d received a genuine, sincere-sounding compliment in my own home for the first time I could remember. And she’d said ‘fabulous, not great or nice but fabulous!  Living in a household of all males, I’m not accustomed to that at all.  I think I might have blushed. Again – Bless – her – heart. This is the reason God made girlfriends for our sons!