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Sharon’s Blog : Good days & Bad days

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2011/08/11 00:52:02

In my blog post in May, I mentioned that my teenage son was having trouble with anxiety. Unfortunately, those problems continue. I cannot begin to tell you all the ups and downs we have been on with this anxiety roller coaster since last fall, but suffice to say that it is hell. It is hell to see my healthy, handsome, smart, athletic, friendly son say that he doesn’t have any hope. It is hell to think everything is going okay again and before you can turn around, it’s going bad once more.  I can never take a breath and relax because I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak, for the next thing to happen, the next trigger to start him on a downward spiral. Right now, he’s doing okay, and I finally decided to write a little something about this. There is so much in me that I need to get out, but I will settle for expressing just a little of it because I don’t have the time to write it all down. I haven’t written in a while. Hell, I’m surprised I remembered my password to get on this blog. Yes, it’s written down somewhere on this desk, but I don’t have the energy or time to look for it.