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Sharon’s Blog : Crow’s Feet

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2011/10/14 16:00:45

  I was driving my 11-year-old son to baseball practice last week when I noticed him staring at me from the front passenger seat. I glanced over at him. “What?”

“Nothing,” he said and looked ahead at the road.

“What?” I asked again.

He hesitated a moment. “Well, you’ve got lines right here,” he told me, pointing to the corner of his eye.

Oh, yes, that was just what I needed to hear that day.  “Thanks, Jason,” I replied, sighing. “You do know those are just wrinkles, right?”  He looked panicked for a second.   “That’s okay. I know they’re there.”

“I just never noticed them before, mom.”  I nodded. Good God, I guess the wrinkle fairy had paid me a visit during the previous night, leaving one of those little things that just pop up on your face out of nowhere as you get older.

I drove on in silence, thinking that with college and braces to pay for there was no way I could affort Botox or Juvederm.  “You still look beautiful though,” Jason said.  Amused by the obvious heartfelt effort he was making, I smiled at him — probably creating more wrinkles just in that one facial movement. But it was worth it.

“Thanks, buddy.”