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Sharon’s Blog : 7th Time the Charm?

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2015/04/17 14:53:24

This past week, a video on YouTube went viral showing a mom of SIX boys reacting to the news that she is pregnant with a GIRL.  I guess the 7th time is the charm?  Even though I only have three sons, I can identify with this woman wanting to have a mom-daughter relationship in her life and to as she said, “Take her to see Cinderella and for manicures and pedicures.”  Well, I can at least identify with taking her to see Cinderella because it is a lot better than the robot and Pokeman and Ninja Turtle movies that I had to sit through with my boys — but I myself have never had a pedicure or manicure, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

This mom of six boys, Cher Lair, has been all over the Internet and she and her husband have been guests on Ellen and other shows. Her excited reaction to the news that she would have a girl is the big draw in the video, and of course it is only natural that she feels that way; however, there have been some comments that her excitement after so many little boys might make those little boys feel like she hadn’t been excited to have them. I think this is such an unfair thing to say. Now, it is out of the ordinary that someone would continue to have such a large family, but I think it is clear that she and her husband simply wanted a large family — whether it was all boys or not — and they just happened to have a little girl this time around.  I think her reaction is very from the heart, and I wish them all the best. My hat is off to her, not because of surviving a houseful of boys but simply because she is surviving six kids. Wow!  I got exhausted with three children; has she not gotten to the school projects and Algebra test stage of their lives yet??  Her oldest is 13, so I think they have ventured into some of that fun school stuff. All I can say is that she must be better at explaining math and making cookie dough maps of states that I will ever be.  3 was my limit.

I hope she enjoys her little girl and those Cinderella movies!