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Sharon’s Blog : Book and the holidays

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/12/22 15:10:48

I had a wonderful time in Chattanooga last weekend at a book signing for my humor book — House of Testosterone – One Mom’s Survival in a Household of Males. – It’s about living with my three sons, husband, and male dog and being the only female.
It’s available now at your local independent book stores (or through – a site of ind. book stores), through,, and should also be at national chains (though it’s taken longer to get those distributed).

It has already been named a Booksense notable for January, a recognition given by independent bookstores!

Publishing this book has been a long road for me. I’ve been really busy lately doing marketing for it — January and Feb. will be important months. Please call your local stores and ask for it. I’d appreciate your support so much.

Of course, doing all this work on the book means I’m woefully behind in my Christmas shopping. The title “The Year Without a Santa Claus” has taken on new meaning with me lately; I need to get busy playing Santa to my six-year-old. We got our half our decorations up early this year, and I felt really good about it. Since Thanksgiving, though, we haven’t put up anything else, so that is more chore for today — to finish decorating plus cleaning up to get ready for some out-of-town guests. Still haven’t put those electric white candles in the windows because they are such a pain to plug in and unplug every night — I’m the only one who does this in our house, and I’m thinking about saying the lights don’t go in the windows unless I get some help with them night after night.

I’ve found that more and more, the holidays for me are about making good memories for my kids: baking the candy/cookies that they associate with Christmas, making sure they go to church and are familiar with they advent/Christmas carols, traditions, etc.
Anybody else feel this sense of responsibility?

Well, I gotta go decorate and then do some shopping. Don’t know when I’ll get around to the wrapping. I sense another Christmas Eve marathon wrapping session!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


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