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Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2008/10/21 14:03:55

Has it been two months again?? And I’d promised not to be AWOL again.  Promises, promises, huh?

Since I last wrote, my oldest son has started his senior  year of high school and is just finishing up college applications, while my middle son started his freshman year of high school and is (thankfully) making that tough transition from middle school very well (thankfully). My youngest, age 8, is in second grade, and though, that’s gone okay, it’s not been as smooth as I’d hoped and expected. He had the same teacher for K and 1st and was in combo class for two years with the same students; this year he has a new teacher, and the combo class kids have been separated into different second grade classes with only one of them in my son’s class with him. So it is taking some adjustments.

I’ve also been working on my next book, which means spending a lot of time on the computer. Since the back surgery I had in August, I’ve switched computer chairs and have been more aware of my posture while typing since I think bad ergonomics at the computer contributed greatly to my back problem. My back and left shoulder and arm feel pretty good, though I still have spasms in the shoulder from time to time — just some mild jumping that reminds me to take it easy. Comes in as a great excuse sometimes though like when I recently played racquet ball for the first time with my good friend, Robyn.  Lots of fun, but a racquet ball player I am not.

What an strange experience it is to have my oldest son filling out college applications! I honestly don’t know where the time went.  He also just earned the rank of Eagle Scout so we had a nice ceremony for that, although I didn’t know I had to go up to the front to pin the award on him; can’t see that great up close and was afraid I’d stick him with the pin. I had to give my husband one of those looks that means “get over here now” so that he would come over and help me.  My son actually earned the rank last year, but we just had the ceremony for a variety of reasons, mostly due to hectic schedules.  I’m very proud of him for achieving this, especially since he dropped out of Scouts once and then after about a year, he decided to join again. Sometimes you have to let them make the decisions.  My middle son is not very far away from attaining his Eagle rank, but I hope we don’t wait a  year before having the ceremony this time around.

I’m speaking at a Moms & More group tonight and am looking forward to it. The topic I’m speaking on is “Finding Mom”, which focuses on the importance of a mom continuing to pursue her hobbies and passions because that is part of her identity.  I think in a household of all guys this is particularly important because there is none of that female bonding and communication that I think we women crave and need.

Talk to you again soon.

Take care and hang in there,



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