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Sharon’s Blog : Constant pestering in the household

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2010/03/05 12:10:41

TWO blog entries within a month?? Amazing, I know. But I came across a website that I wanted to share with you:

that featured an excerpt from a book by the same name, Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young, and the excerpt perfectly describes the dynamics between my3 sons:-


“Some days there seems to be a pestering competition

going on. One boy tries to get the goat of another, the goat-ee

tries to get back at the goat-er, or is that goad-er? The older bullies

the younger, the younger provokes the older, the one in the

middle goads them both on for sheer entertainment. It’s a race

to the bottom, a competition to see who can be the biggest pest.”




They go on to write that this is part of the competition thing between guys, and they find Bible passages that actually say that competition between males is good (wish they could express it other than through pestering).

Take a look at it.

Another article that is linked on this site is from author Michael Thompson, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before. It is a list of tips for educating boys.  I wish every principal would give this list to the school’s teachers:


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