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Sharon’s Blog : Man’s Best Friend (and a Boy’s Best Friend too)

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2013/11/26 23:47:33

In going through some photos tonight, I came across one of our long-haired dachshund, Fenway, taken a few years ago. Fenway has always had a tendency to guard my husband’s belongings if my husband is not at home; he sleeps on his gym bag sometimes or watches over his shoes, for instance. I can go near him and pick him up when he is doing this, but he growls at anyone else who dares to get too close to any item of my husband’s. He truly is man’s best friend — sometimes to a detriment. Usually, my sons can finally pick him up, too, but not without first having to play a sort of game with Fenway, in which they get closer, and he’ll growl, closer still and he growls again, and several more times until Fenway gets tired and lets his guard down for a moment, allowing one of the boys to pick him — or the item up. It’s a joke in our family about how protective Fenway is of my husband’s belongings. Dachshunds are known to be loyal, but it really does get ridiculous at times.

The photo, though, is of Fenway guarding my middle son David’s baseball uniform which is lying on the stairs in our house (somehow we always have stuff lying on the stairs). It is out of character for Fen to guard something that is not my husband’s, but this photo was taken during a time David was going through some severe anxiety and was being evaluated by doctors at UNC-Chapel Hill. David seems to be through it now, but that time was incredibly tough. That was the first and last time, Fenway ever guarded anything of David’s, and it was touching because it was as if Fen knew David was going through challenging times and was there to watch over his baseball uniform until David’s return. So I thought I’d share it with you. Our dog is much more than a member of the family; he’s a part of our house of testosterone.

Fenway guarding my son David's baseball uniform

Fenway guarding my son David’s baseball uniform


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  1. Daniel says:

    That is really something. Animals are amazing.