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Sharon’s Blog : May 24th MOB Update

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/05/24 15:10:55

Hi ladies,

Summer is not far away. Of course, that means we will be just as busy as ever. There’s always something to keep MOBs busy!

I have one son on the traditional school calendar (late August through early June) and one son on the year-round calendar (Track 4, starts in early August until the end of June with three week or four week breaks in July, October, January (plus holiday break), and April. Then my youngest will start kindergarten on the traditional calendar in August, but his school might be switched to the year-round calendar the following year. Follow all that? I can’t either. Our county school system is growing so much here that it is having to convert traditional calendar schools to year-round, plus having to get a bond passed to build more schools. There can be no year-round high schools for course availability reasons so having families on two different school calendars is common.
I don’t know what I’d do without our huge calendar by the phone!

Then there’s all the camps (Boy Scout, baseball, and basketball and Bible School for the little guy) that have to be squeezed in during June and July. Oh, and swim lessons for my youngest. I can really begin to see why parents look forward to their children getting their drivers license (I’d dread it in many ways, but welcome it from a scheduling logistical sort of way).

Met with my publisher of my book late last month. Flew from Raleigh to Charlotte and then on to Chattanooga, where my publisher is located. Beautiful city on the Tennessee River. THe flight from Charlotte to Chattanooga was very rough, though. Worst flight I’d ever been on. Actually came out of my seat numerous times. HOw bad?
It was the first time I’ve ever written good-bye letters to my family (like letters would have survived the crash).
Yep, that’s pretty bad.

It did make me acutely aware of how much all those boys mean to me.
Hope you all had a terrific Mother’s Day (or more realistically, hope at least you didn’t have to cook).
Take care and hang in there,



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