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Sharon’s Blog : MOB Dealings – Dec. 18

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2005/12/18 15:20:49

O.K. We finally got the Christmas card photo done today. That’s always a struggle for us to complete in time; I’m never quite happy with the photo possibilities, but we end up just using one of the ’so-so’ ones because we never have time to pose for it again. It’s of the three boys and the dog sitting on the front porch as usual.

I love to zoom in on their faces as much as I can, but my 14-year-old is now 6 foot 3, making it hard to zoom on all three of them sitting down side by side. I know I should probably arrange them in a different way, like with the five year old standing,e tc., but to be honest with you I just don’t have the energy. I’ll have to post some of the ‘reject’ photos on the site soon so you can look at the ‘real’ story of Christmas card-taking at our house; these photos feature the 11-year-old and five-year-old hitting each other, and another shot shows the five year-old crying, while the 11-year-old is laughing at him. My husband says I should have sent one of these photos out as Christmas cards instead of the normal one I selected, but I’m sure some relative would have not liked that so I went the safe route.

Speaking of the five-year-old (Jason), we’ve been having his teachers in transitional kindergarten at our church tell us that he’s been doing silly name calling, and it’s becoming a distraction. Poopyhead, Chicken, that kind of stuff. When the teacher called to talk to me about it the other night, I had to tell her to hold on a second while my husband Kevin and I quickly discussed who was taking which older boy where that night. “You take David to his basketball practice, and I’ll take Billy to his tutor,” I said to my husband, with my hand covering the receiver.
“All right,” he replied. “We’d better all take off or we’ll be late.”
“Who’s taking Jason?” I yelled.
“I’ll take the twerp,” Kevin responded.
So there I was on the phone discussing Jason’s name calling-problem, and my husband — aka. my son’s role model — calls his son a ‘twerp’. Which he does all the time.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

On another note, big news on the writing front. I sold my book of humorous essays, House of Testosterone, to Jefferson Publishing. The book (Tentatively titled will be published in the fall – Sept./Oct.) Maybe I’ll meet some of you at book readings. More news later.

Everybody take care. Happy Holidays.


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