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Sharon’s Blog : Mob Dealings, Feb. 19

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/02/19 15:20:15

What a week! Taught writing classes at an elementary school this past week, five classes per day for an hour each. Great students and teachers, but it’s still draining to ‘talk’ that much. On my way to work one morning I got a speeding ticket; it was on one of those short roads where it starts off at 45 mph, then drops to 35 for ten yards and then to 25 in a school zone. I was going 40, thinking I was under the 45 limit posted at the beginning of the road. Then I started thinking about school reassignment and how the houses I was driving by were not reassigned to the new high school as my son was even though they live five miles closer to the school than we do. Anyway, I saw the cop coming, but again, I thought I was going under the speed limit, and didn’t worry – didn’t even hit the brakes. At the stoplight at the end of the road, I saw those dreadful blue lights in my rearview mirror.
Then when the policeman asked for my driver’s license, I gave it to him, only to have him hand it back and say, “That’s your credit card, ma’am.” Whoops. That was partly from being nervous and partly from force of habit. Pulling the credit card out is something I do too much of; I curse the day fast food drive-throughs started accepting credit. I’m sure this will put many people in the poor house.

How do you know when you’ve definitely reached middle age? You can’t talk a cop out of giving you a speeding ticket anymore.

Another weekend of basketball games/practices and the start of baseball season with try-outs. My five-year-old is going to have to settle for soccer on a weeknight; our weekends will be totally booked for the next three or four months.
Getting away to Disney World in late March, but we’re going in our camper because we want to take the dog with us. The camper is okay, but this means we have to still do laundry, the beds, cleaning, and some cooking. Isn’t the operative word here VACATION?

Take care, ladies, and slow down out there on those roads.




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