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Sharon’s Blog : MOB Dealings, Jan. 25, 2006

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2006/01/25 15:20:47

Hi fellow MOB members:

Hope things are going well for you all. Other than having our ENTIRE weekends taken over by basketball games, and baseball and soccer practices, we’re doing fine. I wonder what percentage of our lives we spend going to these games? I like to see my boys play, but it does sort of take over my life.

Anybody been to see Brokeback Mountain yet? I haven’t, but I hear the performances are heartwrenching. Not too keen on the theme itself, but it’s about human drama, and supposedly the actors do a great job. Anybody been able to talk their husbands into going to see it?

Check out the latest edition of Newsweek. Cover article is all about boys and how they’ve fallen behind in our educational system. Below is an excerpt:

‘Thirty years ago feminists argued that classic “boy” behaviors were a result of socialization, but these days scientists believe they are an expression of male brain chemistry. Sometime in the first trimester, a boy fetus begins producing male sex hormones that bathe his brain in testosterone for the rest of his gestation. “That exposure wires the male brain differently,” says Arthur Arnold, professor of physiological science at UCLA. How? Scientists aren’t exactly sure. New studies show that prenatal exposure to male sex hormones directly affects the way children play. Girls whose mothers have high levels of testosterone during pregnancy are more likely to prefer playing with trucks to playing with dolls. There are also clues that hormones influence the way we learn all through life.’

I love the part about “bathe his brain in testosterone”. No wonder we’re fighting an uphill battle!

Take care and hang in there,


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