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Sharon’s Blog : MOB Dealings, Nov. 17, 2005

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2005/11/27 15:20:52

Hi Fellow Moms of Boys,

Life is never boring raising my three guys; yet, I lately, I wouldn’t call it exactly exciting , either. BUSY. HECTIC. Yes, those are the words I guess I’m looking for. Their schedules become our schedules and suddenly our own lives have disappeared. It’s hard to keep this from happening. Whew!

I spent the past few weeks as the PTA rep for Red Ribbon Week at my middle son’s school. This is a week in late October that’s dedicated to getting out the anti- drug abuse message and is held in memory of a drug agent who died back in the 1980s. I’ve always thought that alcohol plays too much of a role in our society (see my posted column about this under the House of Testosterone page), but all the info I gathered during my PTA work made me even more convinced of this. It also opened my eyes to how prevalent drugs are in society, even in middle schools. I’ve added some more websites to the Information about Raising Boys page, specifically about the dangers of drugs. Check them out.

I’m also supposed to be the PTA Chairperson for Turn off the TV Week in April – a worthwhile event, but I have to admit I feel a bit guilty. Having me in charge of this is sort of like Tom Cruise being chosen Man of the Year by Psychology Today. The TV in our house stays on way too often, usually with sporting events for my older two boys and cartoons for the five-year-old. I’m going to really make an effort in April to make our family adhere to the rules, but I hope it’s not during the week of the Red Sox-Yankees baseball game like last year.

Took my oldest son, Billy, 14, to the mall yesterday to get some service hours toward his Eagle Scout badge. It was an American Red Cross event that Billy found out about on a James Bond Website (he’s a James Bond movie item collector and trivia buff) because the event featured former Bond Girl, actress Jane Seymour. Seymour is a huge supporter of the Red Cross and was a part of fundraising activities, including at a book signing and art show at an area mall. She’s an author – one book about having twins, a really inspiring one about the changes in her life, and children’s books – and artist (beautiful paintings, and even hand-decorated, signed purses). My son was thrilled to meet her, and she was very approachable and nice. Looked great, too. Check out her Website and read about her near-death experience on
I bought her book (the one about her life changes, not the one about twins – no more babies for me). It looks like interesting reading. Now if I can just find the time!

Take care,




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