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Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2012/07/14 17:13:16

Hi ladies,

I’m feeling increasingly more like a Mom of Men with my two oldest sons both going off to college soon (one for his senior year and one for his freshman year), but my youngest is just starting middle school — so I guess I’m a mom of men and a mom of boys!  Besides, sometimes the ‘men’ act like boys – thus, it all kind of overlaps.  I wanted to post a link to a blog that I write for regularly so that you might catch up with me a little better. I’d love to post the same blog here, but when I started writing for, I agreed it would be an original blog that I’d write. And my incentive to write regularly is that it’s not my site the way this one is, and if I don’t post regularly, I won’t be asked to continue. This all means I’ve neglected my own site’s blog while writing for another one. The motherhoodlatersite is one that really speaks to me because as a mom boys with a 9 year age gap between the oldest and youngest, I find myself in situations that ‘older’ moms can relate to easily. Yet, some of the blogs still will resonate with moms of boys too.

Here’s a link to my blogs there, including the latest one about boy scout camp. Now the my middle son will be off to college soon, I’m hoping I’ll have the time to spend on writing my MOB blog as well as my ‘older mom’ one. In any case, please check out the link below.

And hang in there!



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