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Coaching my first T-Ball team!!!

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Joined: 08 May 2007
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Location: Michigan

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 7:08 pm    Post subject: Coaching my first T-Ball team!!! Reply with quote

I've never been so nervous! Shocked My husband and I are both coaching our 3 year olds t-ball team and our first game/meet n' greet is tomorrow! I think I've all of a sudden forgotten 30 years of baseball!!!! They have all these books and website on theories for hitting, throwing, running, parents theory was throw the ball at me and see what happens!! We never even played t-ball, although as a teen I umpired a few games. Perhaps that's why I'm nervous. I can remember some of those parents getting vicious (and we didn't even keep score!) And what's with the juices and I supposed to organize something? I just remember as a kid getting a paper dixie cup to pour water into....I'm so out of it. Embarassed Any magical advice or words of wisdom out there? I'd REALLY appreciate it! Laughing
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Joined: 23 Apr 2005
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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 10:44 am    Post subject: tee-ball game Reply with quote

Any time you are in charge of something and have to organize it, it's natural to be a little nervous. I'd hope, that at age 3, the parents wouldn't give you a hard time about anything. My two oldest boys didn't play baseball on a team until they were 5, and even then it was about having fun and letting them slowly learn the rules of the game. My second son, who will be 13 next week, is a very talented shortstop and pitcher on an AAU team and has been to baseball camps that colleges have for kids. But on his first at-bat when he was five, he hit the ball really hard and ran the wrong way - clockwise instead of counterclockwise -- to third, then to second, then to first, then home. Nobody got mad at him, everyone thought it was funny. I think they send him back to second and explained how to run. He knew this previously but forgot at the plate.

My oldest son was a pretty good player, but he quit after his third grade year because the coach that year took things a little too seriously and yelled quite a bit at the players.

My youngest - age 6 -, who has been coached by my middle son, is a good player and has been hitting brother-thrown pitches since he was 2. I did not sign him up for tee-ball because it would bore him to death to have to hit it off a tee when he can hit pitches well. I didn't want to make him dislike the game. THere is one team that allows 6 year olds to play regular pitched baseball, but they have to 'try out' for the team, and I didn't want that pressure to be my son's first experience with the game either. So he's playing soccer and basketball on teams and will take an instructional baseball class this summer and then a late summer league.

Bottom line is - at 3 just help them learn the rules and to love the game. I think the parents should understand this.
Usually, when my husband has coached teams, he asks for one parent to be the "team parent' and coordinate snacks (juice boxes and pretzels, etc.). That parent (or if nobody volunteers, we will do this) prints out one list of game dates and passes it around at games to get everyone to sign up for date to bring snacks. I'd also get everyone's email address so you can contact them easily (bad weather, team party at end of year, etc).
You might want to suggest that parents send water bottles for in the dug-out or to keep water in there yourself with the paper cups you mentioned.

Good luck!

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Joined: 08 May 2007
Posts: 4
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 11:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you!!! The list for the snacks is an excellent idea!!! We just got back from our first scrimmage/meet n' greet today and you were exactly right! All the parents that I met were VERY cool! I think they were as nervous as we were or more so! It was complete chaos at first, and then some order insued and it was great!! My son sounds much like your youngest....he can hit our overhand throws no problem, he's also a righty batting left-handed (which he did all on his own to our joy!) He thinks he's a coach too Laughing , which we're trying to overcome, but he had a blast playing with the other kids! All the parent got involved, which was great! The other teams seemed to have dad-dominated coaching, we were very equal (and the liberal-feminist in me smiles! Very Happy ) It's so neat to see the talent some of the kids already have! It'll be just as exciting to see the progress they make...ecspecially the ones who hit their very first baseball just today! Thank you again for reassuring me!!! It seems silly now, but I was VERY nervous! These parents and kids are so cool, I'll definately have an end of the season pool-party at our house! If you're in Michigan, come on over and bring the kids!!
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