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Hi everyone!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 12:16 am    Post subject: Hi everyone! Reply with quote

How fun to find this website!! Thanks, Sharon, for letting me know about it!! My name's Angela, I'm 28, and live in Texas with my 2 boys, Andy (5 1/2) and Jon-Jon (3). My husband and I both teach Latin at a private school nearby - it's great, because our boys get to go to school there, too.

Teaching there has been really eye-opening for me, too - it is CRAZY how much the boys (I teach middle school) just all think that girls are automatically smarter than they are!! It's awful - and so all the boys just give up, thinking they can't outdo the girls anyway. And apparently some of the teachers there reinforce that, telling the boys that the girls are ahead of them, etc. (the boys and girls are taught separately there). From what I've seen and heard, it's an epidemic, that boys aren't getting the support they need from schools and even the world around them - everything's in favor of girls/women now. Not that helping girls is bad, but boys need some extra attention, too!!! I want my boys to see doing well in school as a manly, honorable thing, not as a wimpy, girly thing. I'm worried that their peers might influence their ideas about that, though, so I have thought about homeschooling - do any of you all homeschool? But I do want them to learn "social skills" and all that, too - I don't know if homeschooling them would make them awkward at all. I know I was super-sensitive when I was little, and it really took all the way up into high school for me to develop a thick skin against teasing/criticism/etc. I think if I had been homeschooled, I would still be really sensitive and shy. Do any of y'all have experience with that?

On a lighter note, I've got a boy story for you all - yesterday my 5-year-old was being waaay too quiet, so I went looking for him....turned out he was in the bathroom, face covered in shaving cream, bathroom covered in shaving cream (I mean completely COATED!), shaving away at his little face with one of MY razors!! And the poor baby ended up with awful razor bumps all over his cheeks!! So we got that all cleaned up....and then the very next day, he and my 3-year-old were being quiet again, and I go into Andy's bedroom to find the ENTIRE wood floor swimming in dishwashing detergent - they had squirted the ENTIRE bottle out, and were sitting in it, scootching around on their bottoms!! Did you know that dishwashing soap stains really badly? And of course they were still in their school uniforms!! But I wouldn't trade them and all the insanity for anything!! Very Happy

Can't wait to chat with you guys more!!!
Proud Mommy to Andy, 5 1/2, and Jon-Jon, 3!
Need some girl time? Ask me about Arbonne and Mineral Girlz!
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