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The Real Story

2005, Christmas. I actually got time to send out Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas that year — but it wasn’t easy. Here is ‘the real story’ of the Christmas card photo below. If a picture paints a thousand words, than these three sum up, I think, the lives of a mom of boys.


Actual card sent (only one where everybody had their eyes open, looking the camera, and smiling at the same time – only drawback was my oldest son seems to have flowers growing out of his head thanks to the beautiful fake flowers on the porch, yet he didn’t mind and we were out of time so we went with it)

The real story behind taking the Christmas card photo – smile and say ‘cheese’:The youngest one is mad at the middle one so he hits him, while the oldest is trying to be the peacemaker, or at least threatening his younger brothers.


In the one below, the middle son retaliates, making the youngest cry, while the oldest tries to tell me to hurry up, that nobody cares about the Christmas card anyway. The poor dog, Fenway, is just looking for his nearest escape. Smart dog.


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