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Sharon’s Blog : Shopping for myself — a rarity

Posted by Sharon O'Donnell on 2007/09/21 17:20:40

As you can tell, it is difficult to find time for me to post on this site on a regular basis. I write for a column for my local paper, have been revising essays for a book, and am ALWAYS driving my sons somewhere, plus I teach writing classes and write for various volunteer positions. All this makes it so writing this blog just doesn’t get done the way I’d like it to. Actually, I wrote one last week about my seven-year-old spilling a whole container of grape juice on the kitchen floor right before we left to drive him to school; however, somehow after writing about this, I hit enter and the whole entry got deleted. Didn’t have time to re-write it. I will attempt to blog more often.

The big news is that a bigger publisher, Houghton Mifflin, recently bought the paperback rights to my humor /parenting book, House of Testosterone — One Mom’s Survival in a Household of Males — and will release the paperback (Including 8 new essays) before Mother’s Day! I’m excited about it! The hardback is still available via Amazon and book stores, but I’m throwing my marketing efforts toward the paperback from now on. They are changing the cover of the book and formatting it differently, and of course including the 8 new essays. Look for it in the spring.

This past Tuesday night was Jason’s (my 7-year-old) first night at Cub Scouts. It was an odd feeling being in the Tiger Scout room again, 7 years after my middle boy – David, now 13, started Scouts in that same room. It is very bittersweet to think about how quickly time passes and all that has gone on since my other two sons were Tiger Scouts (the youngest Scouts). My oldest son, 16, will be getting his Eagle Scout badge in November, and he has been in Scouting since he was in first grade. My husband and I are now starting all over with Jason, and it seems in many ways like yesterday when the other boys were beginning Scouts. Whew!

With all the running around for my sons (baseball tournaments, football practice, school events, Scouts, you know the drill), I finally decided to do something for myself. I teach writing classes in schools part-time and will be teaching four out of the next six weeks, and I hate having to figure out what to wear every morning. I’m always buying the guys clothes – not me — I usually pull on whatever jeans are on the floor and I’m ready to face the day.

But I decided I wanted to actually plan what I will wear and have some clothes that are actually ironed (or at least sprayed with that Wrinkle Release stuff). And jewelry — I never have jewelry to go with outfits. Who has time to try to get the clasps closed??? I can’t even SEE most of the clasps on jewelry these days. I have a few of those necklaces that close with magnets, and they are a lot easier, but sometimes they just aren’t what I need to wear.
And by the way, when I’m talking jewelry here, I’m talking pieces between $20 and $40 bucks, okay? Aside from my wedding ring and one sapphire bracelet that my husband got me a few years ago, I just don’t go for expensive jewelry — I just don’t see the point of spending that kind of money. Besides, that sapphire bracelet my husband gave me is really the SECOND one he has given me. I lost the first one because it must have fallen off my wrist and I didn’t notice it. I felt awful about it. My husband replaced it, but it is still in the box. I really like it, but again, what’s the point of such expensive jewelry? I figure I’ll save it to wear at something really important, like the boys’ weddings or if my book is ever featured on Oprah — ha!

I’m always in such a hurry and am so blasted uncoordinated when it comes to putting on necklaces and bracelets, that I tend to keep things as simple as possible: my watch is one of those with the stretchy bands so I can pull it over my wrist and voila! For the past few years, I’ve worn a plain gold necklace most of the time so it will go with any neckline, any color, etc., and I didn’t have to take it off. Then back in June, I went for my annual mammogram. You know, how they give you a plastic bag to put all your clothes in while you change into that lovely robe with the ties? Better this robe, though, than the big paper napkin things you are given to wear at the OB/GYN. Anyway, when I’d taken off my necklace also because they used to tell me to that, and I thought that was still a rule. In any case, I did it. Then afterwards, I was so relieved to be done and in such a hurry to go run errands before school got out, that I forgot to get my gold necklace out of the bag and threw the bag away. It was the next morning before I realized it.

Okay. All this is why I decided to go shopping for myself yesterday and get some new shirts and some jewelry. I found a necklace I liked a lot, but it was $85, much more than I’d planned to pay. I stood there in the department store for 30 minutes, contemplating whether or not to buy it. Have y’all ever been in this situation, where you are feeling guilty about buying something and take forever to make up your mind about it? I finally bought it, along with some other items, reminding myself on the drive home that I have spent most of our vacations the last four years in a camper and that we’ve spent $ on pro baseball and hockey games and college games, plus buying American Eagle jeans and Polo shirts for my oldest two boys, etc. I think I’m due to buy something I want. Still that guilt persists . . .

I also bought some more make-up, but make-up is a whole other story, which I will have to blog about later.
Take care, ladies,



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