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The Pampering Corner

Tell us your stories of how you decided to take the time to pamper yourself. Did you have a massage, pedicure, spa treatment, facial, sauna, make-up session, personal trainer, a weekend with the girls, etc.? Even outdoor adventures. Pass along your ways for other MOBsters to take care of themselves (body, mind or soul).

Finding Your Outlet and Making Time for it:
Moms should not neglect the ‘other’ part of them. We all need to find a way to express ourselves and to use our God-given talents and skills that give our life a deeper meaning and purpose. For me, it’s writing. For a good friend of mine, it’s painting. For others, it might be running races or participating in triathlons ( I thought about that one but then quickly returned to my sanity). Let us know what helps keep you from going completely bonkers or send us Websites for places/products that might help MOBs to find and use their outlet.

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