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Movie suggestions for Boys:

  • Something for Joey – the true-life story of 1973 Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti. When he wins the trophy, he dedicates the trophy to his little brother, Joey, who has leukemia and is not going to survive. The ending is extremely emotional. I remember seeing this movie on TV when I was in the ninth grade in the late seventies. It bowled me over. A few years ago I searched the Internet to find it for my sports-crazed sons, but no copies were available. I searched again this past year, and I found one. I watched it a few days after Christmas with my sons. You know what? It still bowled me over. Even better, I know it bowled them over, too. A sports movie that reminds us that life is about much more than playing games. (This is also a book.)
  • Miracle – the story of the 1980 U.S. hockey team. Need I say more? Still sends chills up my spine. Or is it down my spine. Oh, well, there were goose bumps on my spine, okay. Kurt Russell does a fabulous job as the coach. There is one part where it shows a montage of different scenes, and the audio for the scenes (gas lines, etc.) is President Carter’s voice as he gives an address to the nation; this speech brought a lump to my throat. I remember that time so well (the hostages in Iran, etc.), and his words about America touched me deeply.
  • October Sky – This movie has some bad language here and there, but if you think your son can handle it, it’ll be a movie he’ll never forget. Or you either. This is the true story of Homer Hickam (gotta do something about that name) and his supposedly out-of-reach dream of building rockets and working for NASA. He pursues his dream against the will of his loving but tough father who wants him to be a coal miner like him. For family reasons, Homer does have to spend some time working in the West Virginia coal mines, and it is absolutely soul-wrenching when the camera shows Homer getting on the elevator shaft to take him down below the ground, while he gazes up into the bright nighttime stars until they are out of sight. Also, there is a nice scene in which we see the mother (of two boys by the way) painting a mural on her kitchen wall, and we realize she has sacrificed dreams of her own. I saw this one in the theatres three times I liked it so much, and I rarely even get to the theater to see a movie once. Beautifully written with outstanding performances from ALL the actors/actresses. Has humor, too.
  • Remember the Titans – Based on another true story about how a high school football coach pulls together a team of blacks and whites and shows them how to work together. Great soundtrack. Wonderful performance by Denzel Washington, as usual. The only weak point of this movie’s plot is that the player who is paralyzed at the end doesn’t seem to be very affected by his misfortune.
  • James Bond movies – My oldest son has loved these movies since he was about nine or so. He collects James Bond memorabilia and reads James Bond books. He simply likes the whole spy theme. I’ve watched a few, and some of them are suspenseful. Of course, James Bond is a womanizer, and there are sexually-suggestive scenes.
  • Brian’s Song – Another true-life movie about two pro football players – one black, one white, and their close friendship that develops. The white one- Brian Piccolo, played by James Caan, dies of cancer at the end, and Gayle Sayers played by Billy Dee Williams gives a heartfelt, moving talk about what the player meant to him. I can still hear him mumble, emotion tumbling out of him, “I loved Brian Piccolo”. Great theme song, too.
  • The Rookie – Still yet, you guessed it, another true-life story about baseball. A high school coach follows his dream and tries out for the Major Leagues and winds up being a terrific player. Dennis Quaid does a fabulous job in the title role. Movie promotes a ‘don’t ever give up’ attitude.
  • Star Wars – Back in 1976, my little nephew, Justin, loved this and went around humming the theme song everywhere. My guys still love this series today.
  • Coach Carter – basketball movie (based on true story) about coach (played by Samuel L. Jackson) and how he made his team realize education must be a higher priority than jump shots and lay-ups.
  • Hoosiers – basketball movie with Gene Hackman
  • Back to the Future – Michael J. Fox blockbuster comedy
  • Rainman – Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman
  • Mrs. Doubt-Fire – Robin Williams, Sally Field in family comedy
  • Apollo 13 – Tom Hanks – true life story of the failed mission to the moon. “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”
  • Toy Story – When Buzz Lightyear finds out he’s not a real space hero but a toy, his reaction really hits home. Funny for kids and adults. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen and company do a great job.
  • Toy Story 2 – Meeting Tour Guide Barbie is worth watching the whole movie, but the rest of it is great, too.
  • Monsters, Inc. – One of the most creative story concepts ever! Funny and touching. Billy Crystal and John Goodman are ‘marvelous’ as the voices of the two lovable main characters.
  • Home Alone 3 – by far the best of this series in my opinion
  • The Air Bud Series (especially the basketball and football ones)
  • Angels in the Outfield
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Big Fat Liar
  • Secret Agent Cody Banks

Older Boys:

  • Shawshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins)
  • Lord of the Rings
  • School of Rock
  • – Certain John Wayne movies such as Midway and some of the westerns.

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